Obama Admin Buries DHS Border Security Report

The imperial regime claims 80% of illegals crossing the border are captured but a report DHS was ordered not to release because its “not done” 😉 😉 says only 50% of illegals are being apprehended. That means half of whatever number of illegals coming into the US you want to use are evading capture.

Americans don’t care if the number of illegal crossings are down since 2005, they’re still crossing over. Illegals mind you not only from Mexico, but Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East etc! Forget about the ones coming here to get work (take our jobs) and free stuff, how many illegals OTM’s are criminals and terrorists? Those numbers are more concerning and this drop in crossings Fox reports tells people like yours truly the majority crossing are truly the ones we definitely do not want here.

An unsecure border means an unsecure nation. Don’t be surprised after we get hit again it’s determined the terrorists crossed the border.