Senate Leadership Leaves Provision Out of Spending Bill to Stop Handover of Internet


Progressive republicans are just as bad as their democrat counterparts. Ted Cruz has been spearheading an effort to stop obama from handing control of the internet(ICANN) over to a global body that will more or less be ran by Russia, China and Iran. But once again Senate republican leadership [McConnell & co] have bowed down to emperor obama by leaving Cruz’s provision out of the spending bill to keep the govt open until Dec.

Once we lose this control of the internet we will not be able to get it back, free speech as we know it on the net will be a thing of the past [NO I don’t care that the internet is like the wild west. It is the last example of true freedom for ALL to experience]. Even Donald Trump is supporting Cruz on this effort but with only a few days left to stop this transfer of power this move by the Senate is a crushing blow.

Cruz internet crusade left out of Senate spending bill
by Jamie Lovegrove | DallasNews
WASHINGTON — Senate Republican leaders did not include a provision pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz to prevent a planned transfer of internet domain control in the text of a stopgap spending bill unveiled Thursday to keep the government funded until December.

Cruz said in a written statement that he was “profoundly disappointed” in the result of the Senate negotiations, accusing his colleagues of giving in to “White House demands to hand over increased control of the Internet to authoritarian regimes like China, Russia, and Iran.”

“This is one more example why the American people are so fed up with Washington, because they expect all of us — Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike — to protect free speech online,” he said.

Cruz aides would not reveal what the senator might do next. Asked earlier this week if he would be willing to push the issue to the brink and risk another government shutdown, Cruz repeatedly declined to answer.

The Texas Republican has led several GOP lawmakers this month in waging an 11th-hour battle to stop the U.S. government from giving up oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a California-based nonprofit commonly known as ICANN, to private global stakeholders..more