Van Jones Thinks It’s ‘Treason’ and ‘Tyranny’ to Investigate and Obstruct a Pres Clinton

There he goes, CNN’s Van Jones condemning anyone going against his queen, Hillary Clinton, should she survive her email scandal and get elected. It is not treason to stop a radical destructive POTUS from compromising the nation. If the GOP will be guilty of treason for “obstructing” a Pres Clinton, then what do you call all her actions to date Van, patriotic?

Was she patriotic when she set up a private email server compromising national security? Was she patriotic using her position as Sec of State to enrich herself and husband at taxpayers expense? Was she patriotic when she left 4 men for dead and others injured in Benghazi after SIX HUNDRED requests for more help? Was she patriotic running arms to our enemies in the middle east? What about her promise to undermine our Second Amendment rights if elected, is that patriotic or one who deserves the opposition promised?

Oh Van, you can play the word games all you want, but you know if Trump gets elected the democrats (commies like yourself) will be obstructing him too!

For the record and those who might not know, Van Jones is a self-avowed radical revolutionary communist, he put the suit on and got a job working for obama until he got exposed and now he’s at CNN but he’s still dangerous!