Here are the Federal Laws Being Broken by Mayors of Sanctuary Cities (Video)

The mayors in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Santa Fe NM, etc are vowing to oppose Pres Trump’s immigration policy, to maintain safe havens for illegal aliens. Regardless of the fact, explained by Judge Napolitano, where the Supreme Court ruled they cannot be forced to enforce federal laws…

… it does not dismiss these mayors from the laws they are breaking. They may have the right to not help the feds but they can still be held accountable for, but not limited to:
8 US Code § 1324 Bringing Harboring Illegal Aliens
8 U.S. Code § 1324

8 US Code § 1327 Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter
US Code 8 1327 Aiding aliens

Now if illegals are working for any of these cities, they are in violation of 8 US Code § 1324a – Unlawful employment of aliens

No, I’m no attorney but these codes are pretty clear. If these mayors continue to rebel against the incoming admin then the Trump admin should act through its new Attorney General. He or she should first make it clear the laws these mayors are defying, hinting it would be in their best interest to start complying. Then after Congress is set in motion to pull federal aid from these cities if the mayors remain defiant the AG should arrest one of them to set precedent that NO ONE is above the law!

The fact they are all more or less rebelling against the govt is enough to have them up on charges for that too!

18 US Code § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection

The key here is for the Trump admin to make sure they have all their bases covered before making any controversial moves (don’t hold your breath), because the dems will cry “Trump is a dictator” for simply enforcing US law. Of course dems don’t care that these mayors are picking and choosing which laws they want to follow!

Take note America, there are plenty of immigration laws already on the books to stop the invasion we are under, no thanks to mr obama and company. We do not need immigration reform. If the laws on the books would just be enforced half our problems would go away!