O’Reilly: Anti-Trump Protesters ‘Want Our System Destroyed’

Tensions continue to grow 3 days since Trump beat Clinton at the polls. Radical leftists in typical ORGANIZED fashion are destroying property, assaulting people (AND each other), because as O’Reilly states they want our system destroyed. These dirty stinky commies hate everything Trump represents, which includes the will of the voters, from freedom to the capitalistic system. They embrace socialism communism because they’re incapable of thinking on their own. The fact that they were organized to protest and riot is proof of the amount of power those who handle them have.

I disagree with Bill O, that woman does want to kill people and will, she made that clear. The peaceful, tolerant left always takes to violence when they don’t get their way. First it starts with outburst, insults and screaming. Then come the protests, followed by riots and then finally someone dies. While no one wants to see someone die, the left welcomes it especially if it’s one of their own because they will use said death as a battle cry!

These radicals just don’t get it. They don’t understand they’re very actions and agenda are why Trump was elected President. The American people are tired of seeing property destroyed and being terrorized when radicals don’t get their way. We welcome the use of the strongest non-lethal force against them. Should radical leftists choose to get into a shooting match, as O’Reilly suggests if a civil war is brewing and also calls Al Sharpton out, I’m sorry to tell all you lefties are going to lose that fight as well! You forgot we right-wing nut jobs cling to our Bibles and our guns… and we know how to use those guns very efficiently!

You lost an election get over it and move on. If there are things going on you don’t like then change it, otherwise get out of our way.