“Peaceful” Anti-Trump Protestor Says No More Rallies ‘People Have to Die’

Here we have yet another example of the referendum the American people issued Nov 8th because we are sick of those in power who enable their violent supporters like “Lily”. Does anyone not see the hypocrisy from leftists making death threats for what they are demanding while they call for the strictest of gun control, up to and including total confiscation!?! Where are you dolts going to get the guns and ammo from since CA just passed a more gun control laws?

As far as her claims Trump will be separating families, no he isn’t YOU ARE! If you have family that’s here illegally who’ll be deported YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO GO BACK HOME WITH THEM! You are making the choice to divide the family not a Pres Trump!

This is the peaceful left who are so unhappy that their unindicted felon candidate, who took money from foreign govts that oppress women and kill those within the LGBT community, wants to now kill people to get their way!

STOP making threats and start something PLEASE!!! Myself and countless Americans will enjoy watching all you “revolutionaries” get permanently shut down.

Update 11/10/16: And now they are dragging defenseless old men out of cars and beating them! (Watch) RACIST Black Liberals Beat OLD White Man Over Voting For Trump racist-black-liberals-beat-old-white-man-over-voting-for-trump