Reporter Asks Obama to ‘Shield’ DACA/DREAMers Information From Trump Admin (Video)

This question from Bloomber News’ Justin Sink, in a rare obama WH presser, just goes to show how corrupt the media has become. To ask a sitting president if he will take any action to protect ILLEGAL ALIENS from the incoming Trump admin is beyond appalling!

Sink,“at least three quarters of a million undocumented immigrants provided the federal government information about themselves and their family as part of your deferred action program. I wonder if there is anything you can do to reassure them or shield that information from the incoming Trump administration, considering his stance on immigration?”

For a “journalist”, Sink doesn’t do much research before asking a question. If he did he would know 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the injunction issued by TX Judge Andrew Hanen blocking obama’s ILLEGAL executive amnesty order. On top of that the Supreme Court was deadlocked on it as well which means his lawless actions will remain blocked!

Uh Justin, obama I’m sorry but no matter what clever names you come up with to identify all all those kids they ARE NOT U.S. CITIZENS. The 14th Amendment DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. Anchor babies is a creation of the democrat party perverting the meaning/ intentions of 14A to create a new class of permanent, dependent democrat voters. 14A was to give rights and citizenship to slaves who were freed… slaves brought here against their will granted citizenship by the REPUBLICAN PARTY!! There is NOTHING in it that says come to the US ILLEGALLY, have a child who will be granted full citizenship and free stuff. The parents who enter the US illegally nullify any right to their “native born” child to be here because the parents came here ILLEGALLY. If a foreigner (alien) has legal status to be here via visa, green card, or whatever got them through the front door LEGALLY then that is a completely different story. I can assure you the majority of DREAMers in the US do not fall under this “exception”.

Before anyone whines about Trump/ govt breaking families up. No they aren’t! The families are choosing to break up. They’re all welcome to leave with whomever is being deported for being in this country ILLEGALLY!