Trump Wins, Becomes America’s 45th President! Fundamental Transformation Has Been Stopped

Congratulations America, you did it! You have sent a direct message to Barack Obama that his prophesy of fundamentally transforming the United States of America has been stopped! This nation has avoided making a permanent decision to move to the extreme left, as I warned a few days ago. You told the country you were tired of a party who chose a candidate under countless federal investigations, breaches in ethics and morals, corruption and cronyism that has riddled her for decades. You also sent a message that you are done with the DC insiders, whom Clinton epitomized, and despise the nonsense coming out of Washington, DC.

The choices, decisions and declarations you have made, by electing Trump, to the world are now in stone, but not limited to the following…

  • You have decided capitalism (FREEDOM) is more appealing than socialism (soft communism).
  • You have chosen common sense and personal responsibility over political correctness.
  • You have declared you don’t want a president who has sold this nation out to foreign entities for she and her family’s self enrichment.
  • You have decided that your children should not share restrooms/ locker-rooms with those of the opposite sex.
  • You have declared to the world you do not want socialized medicine.
  • You have decided to put your children and future generations first instead of into deep debt in return for free education and other promised social entitlements.donald-trump-elected-president-1
  • You have decided it’s not okay to leave Americans calling for help in conflict/ war for DEAD, if it protects the decision makers activity.
  • You have chosen not to put fellow Americans, and potentially yourself, out of work in exchange for higher wages offered for low-skilled work.
  • You have declared national security, with regards to record keeping and who is granted access(up to incl ones maid), matters.
  • You have declared that you do not believe man has the ability to alter the Earths environment and atmosphere dismissing hundreds, thousands even millions of years of survival from cosmic onslaught. You have in fact said man is not more dangerous than naturally occurring viruses, plagues, disease, meteor and asteroid impacts, solar activity etc!
  • You have declared you will not give up your rights to self-defense.
  • You have chosen to live under the RULE OF LAW and the Constitution (this incl matters that involves SCOTUS & appointments), that no man or woman is above the law.
  • You have declared you do not want a warmonger directly responsible for the destabilization of the middle east to be your leader.
  • You have chosen to stop piling onto the national debt, which has already doubled over the last 8 years.
  • You have declared that you do not believe in redistribution of wealth through anti-American trade agreements .
  • You have declared you WANT THE BORDER SECURED.
  • You have declared you will not accept giving entry, with little to no vetting, of refugees from nations that harbor terrorists.
  • You have declared you disapprove of abortion at any term during a pregnancy.
  • You have declared you do not want to pay more in taxes!
  • You have decided the California model should be not be applied to the entire nation leading to one party rule.
  • You have chosen to confront America’s enemies around the world instead of pandering and apologizing.
  • You have declared ALL LIVES MATTER.
  • You have chosen to put a stop to progressives aka communists seeking power, hell-bent on destroying what is left of this Republic after the current administration.

You sent one hell of a message to the establishment, democrats and republicans, you’ve had enough! Consider this a second chance to right many wrongs and bring this country together. May God have mercy on us and God Bless the USA!