Earnest Doesn’t Think Obama Needs to Apologize For Obamacare

Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and this dolt have boldly and blatantly lied to the American people about obamacare. They said we could keep our plan and doctor only to be proven wrong. They said people would save $2,500 on avg only to have the opposite with massive increases in to premiums and deductibles. The quality of care has nosedived and has even put some doctors out of business from private practice. Companies have cut back hiring (adding to the unemployment nightmare), expansion and investment because of the ramifications from this abysmal piece of legislation. It’s such a wonderful law it was voted forced on the American people in the middle of the night Christmas Eve 2009. All of this along with countless other bullet points demonstrating how bad this law is and this JERK doesn’t think obama needs to apologize!

The hell he doesn’t!

Frankly, obama should apologize to Hillary Clinton! This law is so bad it’s one of the main reasons she lost the election. Hell Bill Clinton admitted it was bad! He should apologize but he won’t because he is arrogant and destroyed the best healthcare system in the world with the help of propagandists like Earnest. Thank God this lying piece of garbage and his boss are gone in 17 days.

And you asshole republicans better get your shit together. You tried like 100 times to repeal 0-care, you better have something good worked up to replace it otherwise the Clinton’s, obama and all their mindless commie followers are going to have a field day with you!