Pelosi: Obamacare Passed With Bipartisan Support

Nancy Pelosi is certifiably batshit insane to publicly state republicans were on board with barackobamacare! Not one republican voted for the worst piece of legislation ever passed in US history, that took over 1/6th US economy while destroying the best healthcare in the world. What you have here folks is a sad pathetic attempt of revisionist history by a hardcore closet communist. The commies in DC are doing more and more of this to protect themselves from obama’s destructive legacy.

What’s even more insulting is that Pelozei thinks you, the American people, are that stupid to believe this bald face lie. This is just another example of the contempt the power elite have for all of us. She, obama and the rest of the commies lied before during and to date about this horrendous law. They’re desperate to hold onto 0-care because within it are the keys to power and control over all of us.