Sen Schumer: Democrats Are Going to Hold Up Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Sen Schumer thinks Trump and the GOP are going to pick a SCOTUS nominee democrats will like!? How arrogant of him! Chuck Schumer is Harry Reid 2.0. This man hates this country, would welcome seeing the Constitution, capitalism and our general way of life destroyed. Schumer and the democrat communist party are so butthurt after this election they’re going to redefine what obstructionism is!

And Rachel Maddow, NOTHING WAS STOLEN YOU F-ing FREAK. Obama nor the communist party OWNS that open SCOTUS seat. If anyone owns it, it’s the American people you dolt!

That said, if that gutless worm Mitch McConnell does not invoke the nuclear option, that Reid joyfully used as majority leader to F us all, with Trump’s Supreme Court nominee(s) he needs to be thrown out of office, via recall, immediately. There better be protests and marches swarming DC demanding McConnell’s removal if he gives in to the communist party. Mitch is not a friend to conservatives, TEA Party or red blooded republicans. He is a progressive commie just like Schumer who needs to be watched 24/7. FYI he is already on record saying he will not bring a Term Limit bill to the floor for debate, let alone a vote. The man is a monster in the swamp Trump is promising to drain! Do not put any hope or trust in McConnell, he is pals with Schumer who is planning to bring chaos to the Senate.