CA Dam on Brink of Failure is Result of One Party Rule

The Oroville, CA dam is expected to fail which has forced 200,000 people to evacuate. This is what happens when you have one party rule in a state like California. Democrats running CA have run the state fiscally into the red. They care more about preserving the environment than citizens to shore up and expand the states infrastructure, up to and including building reservoirs. Legislators and the Governor will spend millions and billions on pet projects while ignoring dams that are in need of repair or expanding infrastructure.

The state has been in a drought since.. forever, you would think those in power would build reservoirs to capture any and all rain and snowfall, especially as the states population has exploded. Instead dems more or less choose to let the majority of that water go right into the ocean. Leaders like clockwork will run to the media to complain about landslides, or start whining when dams like Oroville are on the brink, demanding they need more money!

The state has burned up $25 billion on illegal aliens, imagine what that money could have done to capture rain and snowfall to offset the drought and provide a “pressure release” for the dam!