Maxine Waters Says Trump is “Dangerous”, Will “Eventually” Have to Be Impeached (Vid)

Maxine Waters needs to explain how Pres Trump’s Executive Orders are justification for impeachment if they are enforcing laws already on the books!? The lies and misinformation this US Congresswoman spews in this rant is off the charts, it’s not even worth commenting on. If anyone should be impeached it should be Waters for advocating acts of domestic terrorism via sabotaging the border wall when construction begins!! A wall mind you that is US law passed in 2006!

Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden democrats care about the rule of law, religion and executive power overreach ever since Trump won! When obamacare was passed into law, they had no problem with obama changing said law from his imperial throne room. Trump invokes existing US law and it’s deemed unconstitutional by closet communists like Waters. Impeachment will never happen because the democrats do not hold majority positions in Congress. They have no power other than filibustering, stonewalling and holding up votes.