Tucker Grills Anti-Trump Not My President Protest Organizer

This liberal dolt, Shane Saunders, who organized one of many anti-Trump protests opened himself up to this grilling by Tucker Carlson after he said he was gay and concerned about what Trump will do to the LGBT community. He tried to play the “poor me, you’re off script lets talk about something else” angle after he made a false claim about Pres Trump.

You see the problem here is liberals hear and make things up that find they’re way down to “protesters” like Saunders who is incapable of defending his position. Trump has done nothing to LGBTQMNOPXYZ… community but that won’t stop these mindless drones from attacking him. They are looking for any reason to protest, they want to antagonize and create havoc. Libs want to push the limits of everyone, from supporters to the White House, with the hopes someone will snap or give in.

What’s really going on is they’re hoping to go so far over the line Trump will get enraged and do something that is impeachable, but that will never happen. So expect more protests that will intensify as they are ignored by normal America. These unhinged babies protests will eventually become very violent, more so than what we’ve seen. Destruction of property and violence is all they know once they are ignored thinking chaos and blood will change normal’s opinion.

No sorry won’t work, and you idiots should know you’re picking a fight with the people who have been buying a record amount of guns and ammo for over 8 years.