Anti-Trump, Black, Leftist, RACIST, “Muslim Convert” Journalist Arrested For Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers

That’s one hell of a title huh? If the media did their job and told the truth that’s what you should see everywhere about the arrest made in connection with the Jewish centers that have been receiving bomb threats vs…

“Arrest Made in Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats”
“St Louis Man in Custody Bomb Threats”
“FBI make arrest in connection to Jewish center bomb threats”
“Man arrested in St. Louis in connection with threats against several Jewish community centers”

Aside from the word play nonsense from the media, Juan Thompson is doing his own share of manipulation by blaming his ex-white-girlfriend for the threats made to Jewish community centers…

Here is a sample of his “journalism” justifying the violence we saw at Ferguson.

Check out his Twitter timeline while you can and you will see one gem after another. He clearly had a problem with Pres Trump, capitalism and white people


Thompson clearly fits everything in that headline and another confirmation how dangerous the anti-Trump, radical left has become. The one odd thing is he deleted the Nov 22, 2016 tweet below yet left all the other hateful tweets including one about how much he liked “night” over “day” !?