Congressman Put in Handcuffs After Staging Sit-In at ICE Office (Video)

Dem Rep Luis Gutierrez was put in handcuffs after staging a sit-in and refusing to leave at a Chicago ICE Office. The congressman is protesting illegal criminal aliens being rightfully rounded up and deported. The socialist claims ICE is going after all illegal aliens not just the criminals, which technically is their job. And whether he likes it or not DREAMERs do not have a right to be in America, no one cares how they got here, they like their parents/ caregivers are in the US illegally. If a person doesn’t have legal status to be in the US they cannot transfer legal status to their children. Luis knows this yet continues on with the lies that DREAMERs are citizens!

This country has enough problems we shouldn’t be allowing illegals of any kind to stay in the US. It sets a bad precedent and rewards bad behavior.

ICE should have locked Gutierrez up.

Congressman Gutierrez, activists stage sit-in at Chicago ICE office
by Tony Briscoe | Chicago Tribune
U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez and a delegation of activists and lawyers staged a sit-in at the regional offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement after their demands were not met during an hourlong meeting Monday with agency officials.

Gutierrez met with ICE’s acting regional director Monday morning to discuss immigrants living illegally in the Chicago area and around the nation. The meeting was Gutierrez’s first with ICE officials under the Trump administration, and he hoped to get details about the agency’s enforcement policy as well as to advocate against deportation orders for several detained immigrants.

Three immigrants on Gutierrez’s list involve high-profile cases...more