Mark Levin Makes the Case Obama is Behind Silent Coup Against Pres Trump (Listen)

“We have a silent coup attempt going on here…”
“This is crucially important, everybody is missing the point. The incredible scandal here is the Obama administration was investigating top officials in the Trump campaign, maybe even Trump himself, during the course of the election!”

The Great One Mark Levin made the case over how deeply the obama admin was involved in investigating Donald Trump, his staff and campaign. The events that have unfolded to date, from AG Sessions to Michael Flynn etc, support Pres Trump is not making up any of his claims that obama had him under surveillance. The deep state we hear about are obama loyalists who still exist in govt today leaking information and taking action to undermine Trump. Between the deep state, media, obama and fmr admin members are carrying out a silent coup.

“This is a silent coup, silent nonviolent coup, That’s what’s going on here. That is what’s going on here. The Obama administration holdovers, the Obama administration of lackeys outside of government, Schumer, Pelosi all of them this is exactly what’s going on!”

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking
Atty Gen Lynch Made Secret Deal to Share NSA Data Bypassing 4th Amendment

Aside from the argument made by Levin defending Sessions, citing NY Times, Washington Post and articles what other proof do we have? Michael Flynn’s resignation! Flynn’s resignation wasn’t over communicating with the Russians (PART OF HIS JOB) but because he lied to VP Pence. Fact is Flynn’s calls with the Russians were tapped that created the fiasco we witnessed a few weeks ago, all of which took place while obama was still president!

“I am telling you, that what this administration[obama] did in its last year, in his last six months before leaving office to try and set in place internally, within our federal government and apparatus to take down the incoming President of the United States and his administration has the potential to be one of the greatest scandals in American history.” ~ Levin

Barack obama is deeply involved with activity to undermine Pres Trump over some twisted goal of preserving his “legacy”. His regime was investigating Trump with the hopes of getting some kind of dirt on Trump to disqualify him before Nov 8th or overturn the election. The surveillance ran on him didn’t produce anything strong enough to stop Trump from being elected (voting booth nor Electoral College), but it did leave them (obama and his loyalists) with information that has since been leaking out, which we hear about almost every week. That in itself is more proof for Trump’s theory. Furthermore, we’re talking about the same barack obama who weaponized govt agencies against citizens and anyone he/they deemed enemies via multiple scandals cited on this site over the years. Think about it, they investigated Fox News’ James Rosen and reporters at the AP… you don’t think obama would dig deep on Trump!? Cmon!

Make no mistake about it, barack obama is fully engaged in acts of rebellion and sedition, pursuant to 18 US Code 238384. You can be sure he will throw one of his aids/fmr regime members under the bus to protect himself if and when Pres Trump orders an investigation into what obama’s admin did against him.

The COLD civil war is going to start warming up soon….