The Media Lied! NSA, FBI Directors Confirm Russian Activity Did Not Influence 2016 Election (Vid)

As we’ve known all along, the NSA and FBI directors have officially confirmed the Russians activity to meddle in the 2016 election did not influence the results in any way. In other words the democrats theory, perpetuated by the lying media, that Hillary had the election locked up but some emails and other nonsense by those no good pesky Russians caused millions of American to change their vote to Trump NEVER HAPPENED. The lying democrat controlled media cooked it all up to delegitimize Trump’s win along with some twisted hope of Hillary getting into the White House.

This confirmation from Directors Rogers and Comey proves the media is and has been lying about the 2016 election results. The only collusion we have proof of now is that between the media and the DNC to take down Pres Trump. With regards to Russia and an American presidential candidate, fact remains Clinton as Sec of State ceded control of uranium mining rights to Russia for what in return to the Clinton Foundation??