Trump Attacks House Freedom Caucus

This is what happens when the President is surrounded and influenced by the likes of Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner (DEMOCRAT) and others who ARE NOT republican let alone conservative. First off there were MORE non-Freedom Caucus repubs voting no on obamacare-lite than actual caucus members. Second, the Freedom Caucus is not the enemy everyone in the media, progressives, GOPe and die-hard Trump supporters are making them out to be. The Freedom Caucus are in fact the people TEA Party conservatives VOTED for who are principled, strong on small govt, personal and fiscal responsibility, the Constitution and rule of law! These are the lawmakers Americans were screaming for, we needed in Congress to right the ship! Now because they’re doing what we expect of them they are now the enemy?!

RyanCare/ TrumpCare IS obamacare-lite. It was not a replacement, it was a “fix” and a transfer of ownership from democrats to republicans, from obama to Trump!

Let’s be very frank, The Freedom Caucus SAVED Donald Trump’s ASS from a horrible bill Paul Ryan and co were trying to ram through that, had it passed, would’ve resulted in massive losses for the GOP in the 2018 midterms. That means democrats would be back in power, Nancy Pelosi would be Speaker again and radicals like Maxine Waters would follow through on their promise to impeach Trump!

Someone with some sanity in the White House needs to sit Trump down and make this abundantly clear!

Trump is more or less siding with the swamp monsters wrongly targeting conservatives and rightfully targeting democrats in 2018.
This was a stupid tweet that should have everyone on the right gravely concerned.