AntiFa FASCISTS Get Put in Their Place in Berkeley (Videos)

The new militant wing of the left, Antifa, counter-protested pro-Trump supporters (Patriots Day) in Berkeley, CA only to learn a tough lesson the American people have had with them! Only leftists would gather calling themselves anti-fascist yet act like complete and total fascists making demands, threatening people and destroying property. They might as well just call themselves democrats!

Since obama’s reign of terror every incarnation of protestor/ agitator/ rioter the left has drummed up has run free across America, as they themselves terrorized people. From Occupy to Black Lives Matter the left has remained unchallenged until now. Countless videos from today’s events alone show the American people (mix of general Trump supporters, Oath Keepers and alt-right) are rising up against the thugs and bullies of the left who were once protected by the corrupt obama presidency and DOJ.

Now at some of these pro-Trump events were those who ID as alt-right, deemed as extreme as the lefts army of goons. So what we have are two extremist groups mixing it up, resulting in violence. As warned, on this site many times, what you’re witnessing is the inevitable escalation to all out civil unrest in this COLD civil war. The left has been pushing hard month after month and now they are being pushed… punched back. A real fight is brewing that will eventually draw others into the mix.