Benghazi Hero Calls For Pres Trump to “Make an Example” of Susan Rice (Video)

Benghazi hero Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto appeared on Fox & Friends to give his 2 cents on Susan Rice, who lied about Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl and the unmasking of Trump officials for political gain. Without hesitation the fmr Ranger and govt contractor said Pres Trump should make an example of Rice, hold her accountable, demonstrating no one, including fmr National Security Advisers are above the law.

Paranto has Rice and the radical dems dead to rights, they believe they are untouchable because there is no accountability. Pres Trump and Attorney General Sessions need to start charging people with crimes and locking them up. They also need to clean house in all the agencies, as Tanto explains politics is having far too much influence with national security, and life and death situations. It’s time for the law and order candidate now President to start fulfilling his promises otherwise the lies and deception are going to continue.