Hardball Panel Goes Off Deep the End That Rice ‘Unmasking’ Controversy is Racist and Sexist (Vid)

Leftists melting down all seem to have a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome causing them to say the most outlandish and insane things. While CNN doesn’t want to talk about Susan Rice unmasking Trump’s staff, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and co go off the deep end pulling the race and sexist card.

What Rice did and those commenting has nothing to do with race or sex. This is what the left does when they cannot defend something. They always pivot, turning the criminal into the victim! Don’t fall for it America.

By the way have you noticed how the left has shifted from saying there was no surveillance on Trump to now making what has been revealed is nothing, perfectly legal or incidental surveillance. These people have no shame, the deep state clearly extends into the media when you have all the networks refusing to cover or defend what is most likely one of the biggest scandals since Watergate!