Rush: ‘Very Clear’ Obama Admin Spied on Trump and Susan Rice is Lying

The left will of course have a fit over such a charge being made by Rush, but the truth of the matter is as he explains they’ve done it before! Susan Rice being exposed this week is confirmation of behavior we’ve seen from the obama regime. They spied on Merkel, AP and Fox reporters, weaponized govt agencies (IRS, EPA) against Americans, lets not forget the NSA intercepts on everyone as well!

Proving Susan Rice is lying now is a no-brainer. She went 5 Sunday morning shows 5 years ago pushing the lie a video, NO ONE WATCHED cooked up by Ben Rhodes, was responsible for the Benghazi attack. Rice then went on the air saying Bowe Bergdahl served with honor. Forget those, just two weeks ago Rice was on PBS saying she knew nothing about unmasking yet appeared on MSDNC completely contradicting herself! The woman has zero credibility as someone who is truthful and honest.

What is the obama regimes motive to spy on Trump? To embarrass possibly destroy him prior to the election, locking Clinton in as obama’s third term. After the election, it was to find anything they could to stop Trump from being “confirmed”, via the Electoral College vote, and then the last ditch effort to stop him from being sworn in. Since they had nothing substantial to stop Trump, what info they did collect has been leaking out to trivialize and delegitimize his presidency.

The left is very dangerous. They will use any thing/ power they have access to destroy their opposition. Sane Americans are ignoring and dismissing them. When this Russian thing and spying is over and Trump is vindicated the left will go back to their old violent ways.