They’re Not “Undocumented Immigrants”, They’re Illegal Aliens (Watch)

Andrea Mitchell, talking with CA’s Atty Gen Xavier Becerra, just couldn’t contain herself after running a clip of DHS Sec Kelly saying illegal aliens that she felt the need to apologize and state she prefers illegals identified as “undocumented immigrants”. This was an act as she is not alone because all liberals like to say undocumented immigrants because they are changing the narrative, re-classifying illegals as people just like you and me who are in an unfortunate situation.

Uh heh…

Activists (“journalists” & “reporters”) in the News Entertainment industry, corrupt politicians (like Becerra), uneducated celebrities as well as all the open border types are saying “undocumented immigrants” because they know it infuriates the right. Besides being offensive and beyond deceptive they are social engineering and redefining people who have no right to be in the United States. When these monsters call illegals “undocumented” it suggests, in the minds of the uninformed masses who listen to their every word, these people came to America properly, LEGALLY, but there was a mix up with their papers, documents were lost, tied up in red tape or the dog ate them. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Do these “immigrants” have legal status to be in the United States? NO, thus they are here ILLEGALLY
Are these “immigrants” native to the United States? NO, thus they are ALIEN

This is how and why these people are called ILLEGAL ALIENS!

It’s not bigoted, racist, uncaring, inhumane or any other excuse liberals use. DO NOT allow the left to control the language America. Before you know it, saying illegal alien will be as bad as saying the N-word landing you in jail! Speak up, do not bow down to PC police.