House GOP Votes to Take Ownership of Obamacare (Watch)

In a vote of 217-213 the House republicans have voted to take ownership of obamacare, it will now be known as Ryan/TrumpCare! These people were elected based on a promise to REPEAL obamacare. No one ever asked any of them to take over healthcare let alone replace the existing disaster. It took dems over a year to cook the law up and pass it, yet the repubs in less than 4 came up with a lighter version and passed it.

Democrats KNEW 0-care was going to crash and burn, they were banking on Clinton winning so they could replace it with single payer. Now the GOP taking ownership will make matters worse, it is still a disaster. The bill wasn’t scored by the CBO, no one read it, those who did read it are already pointing problems with it like penalties/surcharges. Oh the SOB’s exempted themselves from many of the mandates, yes they’re in there, too!

But hey they passed something right!

The democrats are so happy about this, they were singing (per Rep Sean Duffy(R)) “na na na na hey hey goodbye” after the bill passed, do you know why? The dems know come 2018 the GOP will be gutted, they will gain majority power which means Pres Trump could very well get impeached!

Good jobs republicans you fell for the trap. I’ve been warning about it for years, the dems created such a mess with healthcare and the economy the GOP would win majority power take ownership of it all. One party rule is now possible, time will tell but when the economic bubble bursts, as I warned, the GOP will be blamed for it giving the dems what they want. Repubs took the bait and now we’re on course for major shift in political power.