Illegal Immigrants Are Getting Special Treatment For Crimes

Here’s another story you won’t see the news entertainment media covering over how state prosecutors are taking it easy on illegal immigrants who commit crimes! Why? Illegals are not being charged for serious crimes they commit so they won’t get picked up by ICE and deported.

Democrat strongholds aka sanctuary cities are clearly committing these atrocities that only puts Americans safety in jeopardy, as Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton explains. This is just one more reason the govt needs to cut federal funds but also crackdown on sanctuary cities and those enabling illegal aliens.

Liberals care more about illegal aliens than US citizens because they represent the future of the party. In CA their experiment has resulted in great success changing the states demographics which has led to one party rule. The same is taking place in AZ, which will most likely turn blue by 2020, with other states to follow.

Yes repubs have majority controlling the House, Senate and White House, but that will not stop democrats. They are now willfully violating federal immigration law with sanctuary cities and this practice of going easy on illegals. Even though Trump is President, illegals are still entering heading to these states and cities who will protect them… but won’t protect you!

The only way this changes is for Attorney General Sessions to start arresting leaders, but don’t hold your breath.