Liberal 4th Circuit Court Rules 10-3 to Uphold Travel Ban Block

Another Circuit Court has made an insane ruling to uphold the block on Pres Trump’s travel ban. People who have never been to America DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION. The US Constitution IS NOT a treaty with the world offering all the privileges and benefits to foreigners. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment does not apply to people who have NEVER stepped foot on US soil. The ban is NOT a religious, nor muslim ban regardless of what the Pres said during his campaign. No one has every been able to provide proof it is, this ruling just goes to show how out of control these courts have become. You are unequivocally witnessing judicial tyranny, these judges are acting outside of their scope of power. They are setting precedent that they can now overrule a Presidents legal authority, violate his plenary powers for national security! This is beyond dangerous, because if we take it all the way out to the extreme, if Congress was to vote to go to war a liberal can challenge it in liberal court who can apparently override their authority!

That said know this:

1) 7 of the 17 4th Circuit Court’s judges are obama appointees, carrying on his radical destructive legacy. (Another 4 are Clinton’s)
2) WHEN bodies are riddled w/shrapnel from an IED on American soil because investigation shows jihadist(s) who committed said crime entered the US during the travel ban block/ injunction DEMOCRATS WILL BE BLAMED. There will be no excuses, no finger-pointing to anyone other than democrats. They are actively obstructing this President from taking action to ensure our security at every turn.
3) Democrats will no longer have a say in public debate as such an attack is a direct result of their agenda for open borders, while appeasing to those who want ALL of us dead. You hear that democrats, Hollywood and all you liberal progressive mouthpieces? You will be shouted down. You will be told to shut your mouth and sit down. You will be outed publicly as traitor for going against policies to protect this nation.