Rush: Americans Could Die Because WaPo Has Decided to Interfere With US Intel (Listen)

The mainstream media is an enemy to this Republic and the people. They were once deemed the Fourth Estate, an entity to keep the 3 branches of government in check, be the peoples watchdog, but have become the Fifth Column and propaganda arm for the democrat (aka socialist/communist) party.

Along with the WaPo hit piece the NY Times is just as guilty in putting Americans in danger as well as our ally Israel. Trump never said where the intel came from, the NYT revealed it came from Israel!  

The fake news/ news entertainment media do not care about the danger they put this country in with their destroy Trump agenda. In their minds if the country goes down in flames so be it so long as Trump is out of power.

Go ahead media, democrat party etc heat this COLD civil war up… please do it this country needs a good old fashioned purge.