Rush SLAMS Budget Deal: NO Reason to Keep Electing Republicans (Listen)

Couldn’t agree more with Rush. This budget is a dems dream, no spending cuts, funding not cut off to sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood remains funded, no money allocated for the Border Wall (Safe Fence Act of 2006), the beginning of bailing out Puerto Rico, no cuts to the EPA, funding for broke CA’s train to nowhere etc. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are doing the happy dance behind closed doors FaceTiming with Dingy Reid and Cry-Baby Boehner!

The republican party continues to be impotent and incompetent and it’s our fault! They begged for the House majority, we gave it to them. They begged for the Senate majority, and again we gave it to them. Then they complained they cant get anything done without controlling the White House, we gave them that too! Here we are with a GOP controlled House, Senate and White House yet the democrats continue to call the shots because Paul Ryan and co are spineless. Now watch between now and the 2018 midterms they’ll say they need a super-majority to get anything done!

Said it before I’ll say it again, the GOP is dead, they need to go the way of the Whig Party. Understand this, the democrats of today are socialists if not closet communists. The republicans of today are what the democrats USED to be 50++ years ago. Frankly, there is really only a handful of conservatives, rebels, who stand for the people. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, Dave Bratt, Thomas Massie, most of the Freedom Caucus are the only ones who have our backs. The republican party is the democrat party lite, the other face of the progressive beast destroying this country.

We’re 3 months into the Trump administration where it is clear, by their lack of action, there is no reason to keep electing republicans. In 2018 Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer and their progressive ilk need to be run out of office. Seriously America, when will it be enough? When will you get out of your funk and throw all these career thieves and scam artists out of office?