DHS Sec Gets Into Heated Debate With DISRESPECTFUL CA Senator Over Sanctuary Cities

DHS Sec John Kelly deserves a medal for putting up with CA dem Senator Kamala Harris during questioning about fed funds being cut off from sanctuary cities today. This “woman” constantly interrupted the Sec from getting a full sentence out in answering her questions. You can see Kelly is getting tired of it as he leaned back in his chair and then even asked her if she will you let him answer only to have this monster tell him no if he doesn’t give her the answer she wants!

Cities catering to illegal aliens should have their funds cut off. It sucks law enforcement loses money as a result but what is the govt to do? We cannot have states going rogue offering safe harbor, which is against the law, to illegal aliens. You do know Mexicans and Guatemalans aren’t the only illegals in America?! Sanctuary Cities being lawless are also safe zones for terrorists to hide! You’ll never hear Harris talk about that, she will fight tooth and nail to aid illegal aliens at the federal level as she did when she was CA’s AG.

Harris, CA’s former Atty General, replaced Babs Boxer in a joke election that should have scared the heck out of people. You see when you have one party rule in a state like CA, and said party is run by radicals/ communists, they make crazy election rules. In CA there was no republican running for Boxers seat. Why? Because those in power make the rules, in a nutshell the two top candidates with the most votes in the primaries get on the general election ballot! Yes, CA voters on election day had a choice of voting between two democrats for Boxers seat! Thanks GOP for abandoning CA, this exchange is the result.

I’ve said many times on Twitter, I’ll say it again.. Kamala Harris is a terrorist! Ask any law-abiding CA gun owner what she has done to them. As CA’s AG she rammed through all the progressive nightmares you heard in the headlines over the last few years that screwed people.

America if you thought Boxer was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet with Harris in her seat.