ISIS Calls for Attacks Against US During Ramadan

The spokesman for ISIS reportedly released audio today calling for fighters to attack America and other civilized western nations during Ramadan. The body count apparently isn’t high enough for these monsters where we can expect more London and Paris style attacks. Just yesterday a molotov cocktail was thrown into a restaurant in Paris injuring 12.

One has to wonder why we haven’t seen any of these attacks on US soil, but now that there is an apparent call to attack that question may unfortunately be answered. That said Americans need to heed the warning. Go about your business, enjoy graduations and upcoming holidays BUT be alert. It would be wise to avoid gun free zones, if you live in a free state that is not suppressing Second Amendment rights, start carrying a weapon. When you enter buildings take note of emergency exits and anything that can be used for cover or an improvised weapon. People have to learn to have a tactical mindset in these dangerous times.

Like Brevard County, FL Sheriff Wayne Ivey put it, you are the “first line of defense”.

Islamic State calls for attacks in West, Russia, Middle East, Asia during Ramadan

An audio message purporting to come from the spokesman of Islamic State called on followers to launch attacks in the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the Philippines during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which began in late May.

“O lions of Mosul, Raqqa, and Tal Afar, God bless those pure arms and bright faces, charge against the rejectionists and the apostates and fight them with the strength of one man,” said al-Muhajer. Rejectionist is a derogatory term used to refer to Shi’ite Muslims.

“To the brethren of faith and belief in Europe, America, Russia, Australia, and others. Your brothers in your land have done well so take them as role models and do as they have done.”