Pelosi: ‘Withdrawing From Paris Agreement Dishonors God’

The carrying-on and literally acting like spoiled babies we’re seeing from the left is just another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Many don’t know what’s really going on, while others in power, like Pelosi, are upset their program for wealth redistribution has been stopped. And let’s not forget the real reason for the outcry over Trump withdrawing from the Paris Accord is another blow to obama’s legacy.

The fact that China & India are more or less exempt from being the biggest polluters in the world while the US is expected to hand over money we don’t have is never discussed in progressive circles. Progs know it, they don’t care because they think taxing and running companies out of business over not even 1° change in 100 years is more important.

As for Pelosi, she says this move by Pres Trump “dishonors God”. What God would that be Nancy? The one who is okay with you and your ilk supporting the baby killers over at Planned Parenthood?! We don’t have enough time to go through all the vile crap this woman supports that I’m pretty damn sure God isn’t too happy about.

PS: Atheists, God and religion haters take a hike, no one cares about YOUR RELIGION!