SCOTUS Travel Ban Ruling is Slap Down Against Courts But Also Left & Media

The Supreme Court ruled to uphold and hear arguments in Oct on Pres Trumps temporary travel ban against 6 middle eastern countries today, overriding rogue judicial activists in the 9th and 4th Circuit Courts. The judges in these courts are clearly out of control ruling on political correctness than federal law. Said judges should be placed under investigation and previous decisions should be reviewed since they don’t seem to care about national security.

Today’s decision is a big win for the President and validation that the information posted on this site is legit. Dec 2015 I posted such an Executive Order proposed by candidate Trump would be legal.

Aside from that the bigger message in this ruling is that all the Leftist tv pundits, “legal” experts and the like who said this executive order was not legal nor Constitutional are big fat LIARS! What they were trying to do was manipulate  people to side with nothing more than complete and total nonsense and feelings.They lied to the American people, caring more about “refugees rights” than citizens security.

National security and the laws on the books supersede how one feels things should work. Fact remains months have gone by of numbers of refugees entering the US from nations who have no stable govt, or even state depts in place to do any kind of vetting. If/ when we get hit and said attacker(s) is traced to one of the banned countries entering during the travel ban block the blood of the injured and dead will be on democrats hands.