Van Jones: Russia Thing is Just a Big Nothing Burger

As Project Veritas has promised more hidden camera footage has been released against FAKE NEWS CNN. The person of interest this time is non other than the networks in-house self-avowed revolutionary and communist Van Jones.

This guy like all radicals loves to run his mouth especially when he is among his own, so it’s not surprise when Jones was asked about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative he admitted it’s “just a big nothing burger”! So you see Jones like EVERYONE at the Clinton News Network is complicit with lying, trashing engaged in a clear coup against the President of the United States.

CNN needs to feel the pain. People need to go after any and all advertisers using the same threats and language the left has used against Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and other conservative hosts and programs who have been targeted by the Leftist Confederacy.

“Teach em, teach em all the way”