Watch Maria Bartiromo Destroy John Podesta Over His and Dems Deep Ties to Russia!

This is conservative porn, enjoy!!

Maria Bartiromo took John Podesta, a longtime agent of the Clinton machine, to the woodshed and back over his and the democrats ties to the Russians. He should get his facts straight because he is way off. Bartiromo is no Girl Scout she does her homework that this guy pathetically tries to weasel out of. She even cites liberal rags that reported on his connections with the Russians while making the argument it is the democrats who have ties with Russia that should be of concern and not Pres Trump.

When Podesta claims his emails were stolen, he leaves out a key fact, he fell for an email phishing scam GIVING his email password to hackers. Then when he tries to push the collusion hoax to save face citing another lie, there was not 17 intel agencies, there was 4!

The Left’s game to take Trump out is coming apart at every seam. Now you can see why they’re growing violent by the day, they have nothing left to stand on.