Media’s Defenders Against Fascists Beat Up Father & His 16 Yr Old Son (Video)

Mainstream media, your defenders against fascists [antifa] beat this guy and his 16-year-old son up, in Berkeley, CA, all because the teen was wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Let me guess Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc etc the attackers were the bad apples who assaulted these two, and others, right?


The majority in attendance, in the thousands, were your defenders against fascists domestic terrorists in Berkeley who viciously attacked anyone they disagreed with. To justify attacking people, they called Trump supporters and the like fascists, nazis, racists with absolutely no proof… kinda like Uncle Ned from South Park yelling “It’s coming right for us,” to justify killing animals!

Network media, YOU OWN THIS VIOLENCE, the hell and spilled blood that is still to come.