MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls For Democrats to Give Up on White People

It looks like MSNBC finally found the perfect replacement for Al Sharpton.

The one good thing about this clip Tucker played from Joy Reid’s pod cast is that there is no hiding it now, she is a racist. Reid has gone on countless race-laden tirades, she has in fact become the new face of the race hustling Left.

The white people who once supported obama but voted for Trump did it because they are tired of the lies and bullshit! Those white voters she alludes to are still hurting and weren’t about to vote for obama’s third term via Hillary Clinton. She offered nothing for those voters, just more of the same that Reid and her ilk don’t seem to understand. It’s not about voting for people because of the color of their skin, it’s about voting for people who will get things done, make life better.

Joy would be the first one to lecture the country if a white pundit had said “give up on minorities”, while calling for his or her racist head! When it comes to race the double standards and hypocrisy is off the charts but expected at this point from radical Leftists.

I’d like to thank Joy, all the democrats and Leftists who back her for taking this position to double down on race driven politics. It has worked out so well we can’t wait to see what it produces come 2018 and 2020.