Obama’s 2015 Nuke Deal With Iran is A Lot Like Clinton’s 1994 Deal With N Korea

Well as the world becomes a little more dangerous than it was yesterday with news North Korea has in fact been able to miniaturized nuclear weapons to fit on a missile, lets take a walk down memory lane.

Behold fmr pres Bill Clinton telling the world the North Korean nuclear agreement is a “good deal”….

Fast forward to April 2, 2015 when obama made a similar speech about Iran’s nuclear program and that smoking deal he made…

Jan 17, 2016 obama announces “Iran will not get its hands on a nuclear bomb”

Point of this post is don’t be surprised when the Iranians are dancing in the streets when they reveal they have a few nukes! Obama made the same kind of deal with Iran as Clinton did with North Korea. Democrats have armed the most unstable and sworn enemies of the civilized world with nuclear weapons. Iran is worse IMO, because they are crazy enough to use them as they see washing the world in blood will hasten the return of the Mahdi! It doesn’t matter if you think they’re nuts and don’t believe prophecy the mullahs and zealots in Tehran do!

I’ve argued for few years the Iranians won’t waste nuclear material to set a bomb off in the desert as a show of force. They’ve promised to eradicate Israel and America, and will most likely conduct a real world test, by handing a weapon off to one of their many surrogates (Hamas, Hezbollah etc) to set off in a city.

Many think we’re heading into another cold war, not this time around. As bad as the Cold War was, both sides were sane. US and Russia understood what would happen if either side launched. This time around we have outright lunatics getting hold of the most powerful weapons known to man. Lunatics who have sworn to destroy their enemies believing they’ll come out ahead when the radioactive dust settles (in few thousand years).

What do we do?? Couldn’t tell you but it has to be played smart to avert full-blown global war.