Here Are 10 Conditions That Must Be in Any Comprehensive Immigration Bill or All Bets Are Off


Nothing has changed with the op below. These conditions are a must, especially since the Left is seeking to use illegals to gain more political power. That plan must be squashed, if anything the list below should be amended to include another provision LIMITING the addition of Congressional Representatives per the headcount from US Census directly impacted from districts with a large number of illegals. Illegals/ DREAMers/ Refugees or whatever you want to call them should not be counted since most live in democrat strongholds. If they get counted the districts get broken up and instead of having 1 democrat district you have 2, which means another dem in Congress.. NO THANKS!

9/5/2017: Pres Trump has more or less called on Congress to come up with an immigration solution after announcing the end to fmr pres obama’s illegal executive order on DACA. Once again the American people will begin debate and grow further divided over this issue where amnesty is the end goal for illegal aliens, and both democrats and republicans.

Both parties want to grant amnesty because it is the ultimate act of pandering to a huge pool of potential new voters. Remember everything Congress does is about maintaining their power and control over all of us. The majority of American people, who did not vote for Hillary or Bernie, will not agree to amnesty of any kind. But, we are willing to make some concessions to allow illegal aliens, DREAMers, “refugees” or whatever they call themselves to stay in the US.

The Left has demands for comprehensive immigration reform, well so do the American people. Below is a list of conditions US citizens/ voters could agree on for any bill presented by Congress. Let’s be clear Illegal aliens should not be rewarded for their bad behavior/ criminal act. If they are going to stay in the US, they must pay a price. If these, but not limited to, penalties and restrictions are not included in some form of whatever bill Congress creates, for Pres Trump to sign into law, then said politicians should prepare to be voted out of office.

Illegal aliens (including DREAMers, “refugees” etc) who have come to the US, and those already here for “decades”, can stay under the following, but not limited to, conditions:

1) First and foremost the Border Wall must be funded and under construction. The Wall cannot be tethered in any way to any immigration bill.
2) Illegal aliens will be granted legal/ resident status, not citizenship.
3) A. Illegals must pay a fine of $10,000 each, in cash. (No, it’s not unreasonable. These people broke the law, committed fraud, use fraudulent documents etc. There are fines and penalties that should be paid. Fees would be paid coming to the US the right way. When you factor in all the costs they’ve put on taxpayers $10K is pretty cheap. $10K is the price you will pay to stay in America after entering illegally)

3) B. Illegal aliens will be required to pay ALL back taxes, in cash. If illegal aliens cannot account for how long they have been in the US, then each illegal shall be hit for back taxes based on the number of years they are past the legal working age of 14 years old.
Ex: illegal alien is 28 yo, legal working age is 14, said individual will be required to pay 14 years back taxes.
All fines subsequent with failing to pay taxes will be required to be paid as well.
4) Illegal aliens can never vote. Their children and grandchildren cannot vote either. (3 generations, voting is a privilege not a right)
5) Illegal aliens, their children and grandchildren can NEVER own a gun. (Second Amendment is a right for US citizens)
6) Illegal aliens MUST ASSIMILATE to American culture: they must be able read, write, speak in English and no longer show display disrespect by flying the flag of their nation of origin around.
7) Illegal aliens are not permitted access to any social welfare/ entitlement program for a minimum of 10 years. They must pay into the system they want access to.
8) Illegal aliens will not be granted/ given free/ discounted student tuition, scholarships or the like. They will pay the same as everyone else.
9) Illegal aliens will not be granted/ given free/ discounted health insurance and healthcare. They will pay the same as everyone else.
10) Illegal aliens must renounce citizenship from their nation of origin, they cannot maintain dual citizenship.

Those with criminal backgrounds are not eligible and will be deported as the law already specifies. And no democrats families are not being split up. The family chooses to stay while those who do not deserve to be here are removed. The families are tearing themselves apart!

Granted more conditions can be added to this list, but these are the most important to be addressed, especially with regards to voting. If illegals are here for better life and opportunity voting should be the least of their concerns. Politicians on the other hand will be vehemently against such a provision and that ladies and gents is your “canary in the coal mine”! Those who fight to give illegal aliens full legal status, including voting rights are seeking new voters. The ruling elite wants to change Americas demographics to lead to one party rule. That is why both republicans and democrats pander to illegal aliens. Both understand whomever comes through with amnesty will win the majority of those new voters. It simply can’t be allowed, if they try it the American people must fight back and remove said politicians from power, or you can kiss America goodbye!

Updated: Apparently many like the above plan except for the $100K price tag in #2… I found it as a method for self-deportation where others claim it’s unreasonable, hurting the credibility of these conditions. Fine I can be reasonable $10,000 cash per head no exceptions, no payment plans or financing of any kind!