Kathy Griffin Attacks Trump and Supporters: “He’s a Nazi”, “They’re Psychos” (Video)

Kathy Griffin ran off to Australia to viciously attack Pres Trump, on The Project, saying “there’s a nazi in the Oval Office”, to the cheers, giggles and delights of Aussies. She continued on taking shots at his family and his supporters, who she called “psychos” and “nuts” offering an apology to the world while whining about our electoral system.

“I’m here to apologize. I’m sorry that we have put this guy on everybody elses lap and I don’t know what’s happening in my own country. And it’s a long story with the gerrymandering in the electoral college etc, but honestly like we don’t know what’s happening either and the majority of the country truly is trying to figure out a way out of this because right now the minority is ruling.”

Gerrymandering, WTH is she talking about? If anyone is guilty of gerrymandering it’s democrats! How do we know? California is shining example, under one party rule with some of the worst people (Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters etc) holding office for 25-30+ years. Most of the trouble/ hot spots in America are the result of gerrymandering that has left them under almost permanent democrat control, ie Chicago!

Taking shots at the Electoral College just goes to show she, like mot progressives (aka closet communists), would prefer direct elections where 6 six states would decide the election for the entire country! Again that’s the mindset of a progressive aka communist, this isn’t being used lightly, it’s what they want.

Apparently Griffin didn’t learn her lesson, even though she admits her life is ruined. She might want to stay out of the US permanently when Americans see how truly nasty and vile she is. She must think she’s safe to launch an attack from another country calling POTUS a Nazi, attacking his sons and calling supporters “psychos” and “nuts”. This nasty thing is going to be on the receiving end of more hate than she’s already received.

Kathy was under investigation because what she did was deemed a threat to POTUS.
  • Julian B Duron

    Looks like Fabrissa VILLIAN from an Austin Powers movie!

  • Jack Ramsey

    what the hell does he know, she should just close her mouth and get on with her/his life

  • d missouri

    this is one of the most unamerican people i can think of. why does any one watch, or read about her.

  • ArizonaSunshine1


  • Ron

    The Nazis are the liberals like Griffin!

  • Jack Montalto

    I see this picture and it is the picture of a psycho. And apparently she found a number of Aussies that are either stupid or just plain DUMB. OR BOTH!! Psycho Griffin still has her head up Hillary’s asshole. This pic is proof positive that she and her DIVA are both LOSERS..And she and others like to use the word NAZI but probably have no idea what that term entails. But for degenerates like her it does not matter. BLACK HEARTED BITCH: STAY IN AUSTRALIA. PREFERABLY IN THE BUSH..

  • Mike Finnell

    Someone execute this cunt.

  • Duane

    Can’t The Project do better than having this American POS on the program just to berate Trump. I really wonder if any of the on the so called panel no what is really happening in America that he is actually trying to fix. I wish 10 would fire all your asses!

  • Cheryl Nespor

    What a miserable, pathetic no-talent broad she is. Give it up already before you end up in jail….which you deserve!

  • Uncle Jo

    She’s the psycho and she’s ugly as hell. She’d make a train take a dirt road !

  • Phere

    Hilarious! That ridiculous floosie’s gone completely off the rails. Her obsession’s driven her out of reality to the point of frantic dirilium.
    Actually, Trump has such hypnotic powers, ALL comedians have gone by way of obsessivism. Not one of ’em can do comedy anymore without bashing our president.
    Watch the opening monologue on All the late show hosts. Colbert, Kimmell, Fallon, all these guys are so butthurt that they can’t do it right. They just lost their funny! Sad.