Sessions Refuses to Lift Gag Order on FBI Informant in Clinton-Russia Probe (Video)

Jeff Sessions needs to go, he is not fit to run the DOJ. He allowed Lois Lerner to slide after weaponizing the IRS and then destroying evidence, recused himself from Russia investigation when it was not necessary, let Hillary walk in the email scandal and the list goes on and on as Jason Chaffetz revealed Oct 1st at with Judge Jeanine Pirro. This man had everyone believing he would be “Mr Law and Order” as Attorney General. He fooled us all just as the GOP fooled us all when they promised to repeal obamacare, if given majority in the House, Senate and a republican President. There is no logical reason for Sessions to keep a gag order (NDA) in force by Loretta Lynch.

Attorney Victoria Toensing explained on Hannity the FBI informant signed an NDA, with criminal penalties, that prevents the informant from speaking about what he knows on the uranium deal between Clinton, obama admin and the Russians. BUT that was during the past admin. Obama is gone, Loretta Lynch has no power or authority either, both are civilians.

As Dobb’s points out, it’s fine the NDA was in force during the obama admin as they did it to protect the obama regime, but this uranium scandal is serious and a national security issue. Sessions can override as Schaffer argues and is most likely correct there is a huge cover-up within the FBI.

Since Sessions is obstructing, Chuck Grassley, chairing Senate Judiciary Committee, and Devin Nunes, chairing House Intel Committee, both need to grant the FBI informant full immunity so we can learn the truth on this real story of Russian collusion. It puzzling as to why Pres Trump has not stepped in ordering Sessions to do what is right or ask for his resignation. Make no mistake about it, that is where we are at with this AG. Sessions, almost since the day he took office, has acted incompetent. He is not working in the best interests of the American people who expected the corrupt to finally be brought to justice.