NBC’s Hunt Defends Franken, Says He Was “Mock-Groping” Sleeping Model (Video)

How vile is the Leftist media? They will condemn anyone on the right under allegations of assault while bending over backwards defending their own kind when there is literal photo evidence! NBC’s Kasie Hunt, reporting on Sen Al Franken’s assault on radio anchor and former model Leeann Tweeden, said the Senator was only “mock-groping” the sleeping Tweeden in the photo from 2006.

What kind of person looks for ways to excuse in appropriate behavior, especially when said individual joins in on the #MeToo campaign?! Do we know for a fact Franken didn’t touch Tweeden’s breasts while she slept? For the record Franken more or less admitted to doing it, but that won’t stop a liberal hack from making an excuse for him. Keep in mind this is the same Franken who insisted on practicing a kiss, who more or less rammed his tongue down the model’s throat, who was clearly upset and shaken from the act.

Leftists have a long track record of making excuses when one of their own breaks the law, speaks out of turn or in this case acts inappropriately yet will condemn anyone else who is simply accused of doing something. And the media wonders why they are so despised by the American people.