NYC Council Speaker Claims Trump’s Response to Puerto Rico “Very Racist” (Video)

Melissa Mark-Viverito, Speaker of the New York City Council, appeared on MSNBC and came unhinged over Pres Trump’s response to Puerto Rico deeming it “very racist”. Not surprising, MSNBC nor Viverito ever pointed out some hard, tough facts about Puerto Rico declaring bankruptcy and infrastructure being in very bad shape BEFORE Hurricane Maria ever hit! Yet all the problems related to the country being poorly run resulting compounding the chaos as a result of Hurricane are “racist” Trump’s fault!

The Left has been in an uproar from day one of this storm over their claims of a poor response to PR when there is only so much you can do when said territory is an island 1,014 miles away from Miami! It’s not like you can load up a bunch of trucks drive in supplies and repair crews as we saw in Houston, TX and southern Florida.

The electrical grid in PR was a mess and outdated, the storm destroyed what was already barely working. New power lines have to be laid down, that doesn’t happen over night let alone a month or two for an entire island.

It’s going to take time. It’s very sad what happened there but to blame it on Trump, claiming he is racist, is absurd and typical of radical unhinged Leftists like Viverito. You’ll never hear her address the bankruptcy or poor state of the infrastructure because that would lay blame on PR’s leadership vs picking up political points blaming a republican president. It’s all about optics, she knows this, she’s playing the audience banking on their lack of information about what is really going on.