Rep Clyburn Suggests Sexual Harassment Standard is Different For Elected Politicians – Video

Once again we have another politician, Jim Clyburn, demonstrating an above the law, elitist mentality plaguing the US govt. The House Representative was asked whether Conyers should resign or step down as we’ve seen of many in the media and Hollywood over sexual misconduct, where he arrogantly responded “Who elected them?”.  So according to Jimmy, if you’re elected to Congress you are held to a different standard, and apparently can get away with just about anything at this point.

This attitude and mentality has to end. Senators and Representatives are drunk with power at this point, believes they can do anything they want. This is why Al Franken was all in favor of an ethics hearing because he knows nothing will happen. The last time a Senator was expelled was in 1862. There are no laws or regulations on ones moral conduct in Congress, but give it some time they’ll cook something up to protect themselves, just like they do on many issues; ie Congress exempt themselves from obamacare.

Clyburn needs to go, he can take perv Conyers, Franken and whomever else is part of that $17M slush fund with him.

DC better get their shit in order, a day of reckoning is coming.