CA Atty General Will Prosecute Employers Following Fed Law Helping Immigration Sweeps

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra has made it official for anyone who was in doubt CA is a lawless state when it comes to federal laws. The AG told reporters any employer who engages in activity giving up info on employees (violating privacy) with regards to immigration enforcement will be prosecuted and jailed! In other words if you are an employer approached by ICE, planning sweeps, and give up info on illegals in accordance with federal immigration laws Becerra will lock you up!

Becerra cites California’s “new laws” stop employers from helping the govt, but to be clear those state laws are in violation of federal laws. The AG needs to be reminded federal law supersedes state law, so he is out-of-order. Becerra, Gov Brown, Lt Gov Newsom, the corrupt leaders in the state legislature as well as law enforcement need to be arrested for violating 8 US Code § 1327 Aiding or Assisting Certain Aliens to Enter and 8 US Code § 1324 Bringing Harboring Illegal Aliens.

With regards to harboring, legal experts will argue these leaders are not in violation because they’re not directly “harboring” illegals, ie in their home or the like. Well while they are correct they are also wrong. California’s leadership’s action on sanctuary city/ state policies and laws have made California that home/ refuge for illegals, they’ve literally created a massive blanket clause for the state that would in fact cause them to be held liable; they’ve turned CA into that “home”. And this goes for other states and cities, you cannot create law out of thin air that redefines things, people and places which violates existing federal law and then deem yourself exempt. Remember the kid(s) on the playground who would change the rules in the middle of a game because they were being beat, that’s what you have here!

CA’s new sanctuary state law is illegal, employers would be wise to do what is asked of them by federal authorities. As for Becerra and co, they need to be arrested as DHS Sec warned they are looking into. If feds don’t start making arrests then maybe it’s time for citizens to invoke “citizens arrest” and show how it’s done!