Chris Matthews: President Donald Trump is Acting Like a Bad Guy

Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews is still trying to act like a journalist, but just couldn’t help himself comparing Trump to a bad guy!? Tingles is quite excited over the prospect the Pres may speak with special counsel Mueller with the hopes he will get tripped up and say something incriminating. During his Trump Watch segment Tingles suggested two issues POTUS will have to explain himself over waiting to fire Mike Flynn and his asking Comey to go easy on Flynn…..

– The alleged delay in firing Flynn is not an impeachable offense.. it’s not any offense really. When the truth was out that Flynn lied to VP Pence he was cut loose.

– The second allegation POTUS asked fmr FBI Dir Comey to go easy on Flynn is not impeachable offense, nor obstruction of justice. If anything it was a clear hint of “we know the guy was in the wrong, but look he served this country well, don’t crucify him over something so stupid”. Stupid because Flynn acted well within his role to contact foreign dignitaries, his failure was lying to the FBI about it! This is why you don’t talk to the FBI kids; they got Flynn and Martha Stewart this way!

Pres Trump has done nothing wrong, those of us who were Cruz Crew til the last day would be the first ones to call it out. He’s clean the only ones in the wrong, colluding and committing obstruction, what do you know, are the democrats!

What’s funny is the more the Left digs the more information is revealed how corrupt they are!