Dem Meltdown: Rep Schiff Says GOP & Trump Crossed “Regrettable Line”, Put Political Interests Ahead of Nations

The democrats are quite upset following the House Intelligence Committee’s vote to release the FISA memo over corruption within the DOJ/ FBI, and it’s providing a supply of vids of dems melting down.

Rep Schiff who has been at the forefront pushing the fake collusion conspiracy has become so unhinged, since news of the FISA memo surfaced, he concocted a “memo” of his own. In light of today’s vote he ran to the cameras speaking like a defeated man suggesting the GOP and Pres Trump put their political and personal interests ahead of the nations interests, crossing a “regrettable line”.

If what he and others in the dem party say is true, that the memo is not legit, then why are they putting so much effort to stop it from going public? Why not let the GOP go down in flames?!

Doesn’t make sense does it!? Dems are scared and they should be, their plan to take Trump down is coming to an end. Hopefully we’ll see many follow McCabe’s lead and either resign or be fired, and if we’re lucky maybe a few will go to jail.