DREAMers Surround Sen Schumers House DEMANDING Amnesty!!

Uh oh! Looks like Chuck Schumer hit a nerve with his undocumented constituents for caving to the GOP, Military and every single angry American for that worthless stunt he pulled shutting the govt down! The DREAMers set up camp at his home chanting they want a clean Dream Act and they want it now!(more on that in a sec)

Now so we’re all clear, and you democrats ought to sit down because I’m going to shock you defending Chuckles this one time, pay attention: DREAMers are illegal aliens just as much as their parents who brought them here. Illegal aliens have no rights other than an immigration hearing. Illegal aliens have no Constitutional rights… in other words they do not have the right to protest, let alone harass a sitting US Senator!

Let this be a lesson to dems, those you deceitfully pander to will eat you alive if you don’t give them what they want. And my oh my do these DREAM illegal aliens have balls or what? They have no right to be here. They are stealing from American citizens with all the freebies they get, and again are not citizens are making demands! Who in the blue hell do these little terrorists think they are to make demands to be legalized? If they want to protest a politician they ought to get on their Soros funded buses head down to DC and chant in front of barry soetoro… dunham? no no obama’s house since he CREATED this mess ILLEGALLY! (I told you I’d shock you defending Schumer)

Look how fast they turn on dems, it just goes to show they don’t care about democrats just like the dems don’t care about them! Both sides are using each other. Illegal aliens want amnesty with the swipe of a pen and on the flip side with the same swipe of a pen dems want a pool of new voters to guarantee one party rule.

Chaos is all we will get if by some act of God amnesty is granted because red-blooded Americans will not stand for it.

As for you dems playing with fire, what was it Khan said…

Oh dems your going to regret what you’re doing. Conservs are going to sit back and enjoy the entertainment at your expense.