Pelosi: Dreamers Being Held Hostage by Trump

Yes, DREAMers are being held hostage…. but they’re being held hostage by the democrat party! Trump called their bluff with his offer to grant amnesty, which has upset his base to say the least, to almost 3 times the number of illegals obama wanted to give amnesty to and the dems balked. Think about it Trump asked for the wall and border security in exchange for 1.8m new democrat voters and the dems response is he’s holding them hostage. 1.8M isn’t enough, they want the families brought in via chain migration and the visa lottery system left in place, they want all illegals granted amnesty that will open the door to one party rule.

Truth is democrats couldn’t careless about illegal aliens, they only see them as the vehicle to get complete control over America, as demonstrated in California. The state has been overrun with illegals, who get counted in the census. The population grows then more representatives are added. Now if the” players” manipulate the system a bit they almost guarantee that next rep will be part of the ruling party aka democrat.

Illegals, DREAMers why do you allow yourself to be used and manipulated by the a party who doesn’t care about you? Just go into any American-African community and ask them if democrats have followed through on their promises in exchange for votes. Go ahead go to Chicago, LA, Detroit, Phila etc and see it for yourselves. You’re being used as pawns for political power, by people who once they have the power will screw ALL of us!

Off topic: Not letting go questioning Nancy’s mental state, as she couldn’t say “clenched fist”. There’s something definitely wrong with her as the mumbling, mispronunciation of words etc continues, sometime subtle like here or much worse. She’s heavily mediated for sure to slow down whatever she is suffering from.