Dems Come Unhinged Over Census Bureau Reinstating Citizenship Question 📺

Primary purpose of the US Census is to have head count on the number of people living in a given area so citizens have proper representation in Congress.

First things first the citizenship question being challenged by the Left was REMOVED by obama for the 2010 census. The decision made was to in fact reinstate what has always been part of the questionnaire since 1965.

Why would obama remove it? Does that really need to be asked? It’s obvious at the time he wanted to increase his power in Congress and afterwords to ensure his legacy carries on.

The only reason democrats panties are in wad over this “change” is because they know they’ll lose Congressional representation since illegal aliens won’t be counted with this rule reinstated. California by its size has far too much Congressional power, so it’s no wonder they are concerned over the potential of losing House seats. The state has more or less put out an open call to illegals to flood the state. With an increase in population, driven by illegals, districts must get redrawn and or added. Conveniently the state under one party rule creatively creates said districts based on past elections to increase the chance of creating a democratic district which in turn means a another D vote in Congress. This is all about power and control. The democrats do not care about the damage they’re doing to this country.

The illegal alien Tucker Carlson battled made it clear the Left wants (NEEDS) illegals to have the right to vote. They know they can’t win elections fair and square. Dems know other minorities they’ve pandered to over the years are wising up to the lies and empty promises, and frankly being abandoned.

Like it or now illegals have no rights under the US Constitution, which establishes the Census. The only thing they’re entitled to is a hearing, they should not have a say in how money, programs and most importantly the unnecessary creation of more Congressional Representatives. Ya know new reps mean additional costs for the country. They have to be paid, given office space, a staff etc etc. Cutting back would actually do us some good to save a few dollars and help reduce the grip of power dems have over this country.